Tailor Shop Suit For Magento

"Magento Tailored Suit Online" is a Magento App which can be used to order customized garments online. Your customer can create his own suit and have it tailored with his accurate measurements for a perfect fitting as well as with his own preferred styles.

From Admin management panel, you have a good facility to see the selected styles and measurement details with a style preview for each ordered suit. You can easily activate/deactivate any of your fabrics to work with tailored suit from the back-office of the app. You can set the customization/tailoring price for every fabric that you want to activate for tailored suit.

Design the suit yourself – Select your favorite fabrics then choose Type, Style, Fit, Jacket lapels, Number of button, Breast pocket, Hip pockets, Back style, Sleeve buttons and Button holes of Jacket and you can also choose Fit, Pleats, Pants fastening, Side pocket, Back pockets and cuffs of Pants.

"Magento Tailored Suit Online" App has a user-friendly interface that helps the user a potential tailoring experience.

"Magento Tailored Suit Online" offers online customized tailoring for all types of user. This App is the complete tailoring solution that helps you to engage customers, boost your sales and revenues.

"Magento Tailored Suit Online" App has excellent features and very easy to install or setup.

"Magento Tailored Suit Online" is more flexible and compatible with many existing App in the Magento repository.

This App is fully customizable. Users can easily configure the App into the new or existing Magento Store.

*This plugin only support Magento version 2.1 and the later versions.

  • Shoppers can easily customize suits online.
  • Just chose a fabric and start to design.
  • Shoppers can design for 2 pieces or 3 pieces of suit.
  • Single Breasted, Double Breasted and Asian style can be choosen.
  • Classic and Slim fit are available.
  • Notch and Peak style jacket lapels are available.
  • Shoppers can choose 1 to 4 buttons style.
  • Shoppers can add or remove chest pocket.
  • There are 2 pockets, 3 pockets or no pocket styles available for Jacket Pocket. Welt, Flap and Patch styles are available.
  • Center vent, Side vent or Ventless style can be choosen.
  • Sleeve buttons can be set.
  • Real and Fake button holes are available for jacket.
  • Can choose classic or slim fit pant.
  • Pants pleats can be set for single, double or none.
  • Centered and Displaced Pants fastening can be selected.
  • Diagonal, Vertical and Rounded side pocket can be selected for pants.
  • Different types of pants back pocket can be selected.
  • Shoppers can add or remove pant cuff.
  • Set all the measurements of suits.
  • Front and back design preview.
  • Show or Hide Jacket.
  • Shoppers can add to cart with quantity, from design panel.
  • Design and measurements info is available in cart page.
  • Enable or disable design panel for specific fabrics from admin.
  • Extra price for custom design can be set from admin area.
  • Store owner can change measurement unit from admin area.

For installation process and other information please view our online Documentation